IDS assist you to optimise the financial and whole of life performance of your infrastructure assets

IDS was established in 2008 to provide industry infrastructure support. IDS is also the sole distributor of dTIMSDeighton Total Infrastructure Management System in New Zealand

IDS (Infrastructure Decision Support) Ltd is the newest member of the IPWEA NZ family. IDS has been set up as a not-for-profit commercial entity for the purpose of expanding the dTIMS project. The company is wholly owned by IPWEA NZ. IDS has been registered with the Companies Registrar and has Charitable Status under the Charities Act 2005 (registration number CC38031).

IDS form part of the IPWEA NZ group structure as follows

orgchart ipwea

IDS’ business involves

  • Processes to help quantify and create the vision for your assets
  • Computer models/processes that let you see if you spend too much or not enough money on your network, your most significant asset
  • An analysis tool helping to optimise your investment in council’s infrastructure and operations
  • Providing tools for supporting long-term decision for the sustainable planning of infrastructure maintenance, replacements and renewals

For more information about IDS, what they do and how they can assist you, please download a copy of their company profile here.

How the dTIMS CT Project is managed

The Board of Directors are:

  • David Fraser (Chairman)
  • Gordon Hart
  • Peter Allen

The managment team consists of

  • Business Manager - Theuns Henning
  • Admin and Financial - Angela Tempest
  • Bureau Service - Mike Tapper
  • Technical Development (Roads) - Elke Beca
  • IDS Helpdesk Manager - Gemma Mathieson

The IDS company is structured to have a representation from the industry as participating members.

A Technical Advisory Group (dTAG) exists to investigate and advise IDS on technical development issues. The Business Manager and dTAG are supported by the technical consortium of consultants involved in the development, implementation and execution of dTIMS CT models and analyses for a variety of clients.

IDS manages the dTIMS project according to the structure below

orgchart ids

Find out more about our services

logo roads

Roads is one of the largest asset groups in NZ. We provide assistance in decision making for renewal and replacement planning

logo water

Unique in New Zealand is a potable water infrastructure renewals planning tool which can assist you in accessing your forward planning and risk management

logo bureau sevice

IDS has a resource pool with a large variety of skills and expertise which may assist you with your asset management projects. We can provide you with access to resources remotely or on site

logo support

The IDS helpdesk can provide you with any technical assistance with the dTIMS software or with the New Zealand developed roading and water templates



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