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During the training sessions, principles, concepts and examples are conveyed and illustrated mostly by using presentations. These presentations are hosted here to assist you in continuing your dTIMS skill development and understanding.

Presentations done by guest speakers during the trainiing sessions are also available for download.

These documents are freely available to download for our NZ dTIMS Licensed Users.

Please log in to download these presentations.

File name Size
0909-IDS_Training-Day1_Man_1_Intro_and_Project_management.pdf 2.10 MB
0909-IDS_Training-Day1_Man_2_AM_context.pdf 1.58 MB
0909-IDS_Training-Day1_Man_3_NZ_Setup.pdf 2.64 MB
0909-IDS_Training-Day1_Man_4_Analysis_Objectives.pdf 196 KB
0909-IDS_Training-Day1_Man_5_reporting.pdf 860 KB
0909-IDS_Training-Day1_Man_6_Industry_messages.pdf 241 KB
0909-IDS_Training-Day1_Man_7_MYP.pdf 1.23 MB
0909-IDS_Training-Day2_dTIMS_1_WhatIsdTIMSCT.pdf 720 KB
0909-IDS_Training-Day2_dTIMS_2_The_Inventory_and_Data_We_Use.pdf 405 KB
0909-IDS_Training-Day2_dTIMS_3_AnalysisSets.pdf 411 KB
0909-IDS_Training-Day2_dTIMS_4_Input_Parameters_for_Analysis.pdf 1.30 MB
0909-IDS_Training-Day2_dTIMS_5_Processing_of_Outputs.pdf 2.12 MB
0909-IDS_Training-Day2_dTIMS_6_dTIMS_Worked_Examples.pdf 1.74 MB


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