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May 1, 2011

State of Utah Bridge Rehabilitation Workshop

by Jeff Zavitski, Deighton

Recently Deighton organized and facilitated a Bridge Rehabilitation Workshop for the State of Utah Department of Transportation. UDOT bridge, pavement and asset management staff joined Jeff Zavitski from Deighton, Bret Banwart from the City and County of Denver along with other local engineering consultants for a session discussing bridge preservation and rehabilitation within Utah. The goal is to help manage the UDOT bridges and to help configure the element level analysis of those bridges within dTIMS CT.

The rehabilitation workshop proved very informative for all those who attended and Deighton was able to capture the preservation and rehabilitation strategies to be configured within dTIMS CT for the element level analysis. Once the element level analysis is completed, the resulting element strategies are rolled up into preservation, rehabilitation and replacement strategies at the structure level where the optimization takes place.

One of the most enlightening discussions of the meeting focused on the importance of routine maintenance on the structures and the annual need for joint and drainage maintenance to help prolong the life of the structure. Joint failures and drainage issues were seen to be the most important factor in the deterioration of the other elements.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Project Update
by Dr. Peter Kadar, ARRB Group Ltd.

The first phase of the Sydney Harbour Bridge project was successfully completed with the help of Deighton Associates. The project focussed on the scheduling of the maintenance of the painted steel structure. The condition of the paint of each structural element is recorded by the area falling into one of the four rating (condition) categories. This way the maintaining authority has a reasonably accurate picture of the size and nature of the required paint jobs.

Traditionally the condition of an element is described with a single parameter. In this case, however, the condition of an element was described with four interrelated parameters each representing an area (proportion) of the element. The challenge was to model the area (proportion) of each condition changing in time. The model considered two different paint types, five durability situations depending on the location of the steel element and three remedial possibilities. The objective of the analysis was to minimise the total of the surface area in the worst condition.

The implemented solution was a modified Markov chain matrix that represented the transition from one condition to another and at the same time could be used to quantify the areas in need of paint.

Several maintenance strategies were explored. It was found that the maintaining authority’s objective could be best achieved with treating relatively small areas in poor condition i.e. with patching. Other objectives may lead to different strategies. To view the proportions of the full bridge in the four condition categories click here. The deployed strategy allows the deterioration of the paint but limits the quantity (area) of paint in the two worst conditions (condition 3 and 4).

Deighton Sponsors NCPP Bridge Preservation Event
by Arif Rafiq, Deighton

Deighton has been a regular sponsor of the National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP) meetings held throughout the United States. Recently, we decided to sponsor the NCPP’s Bridge Preservation events as well. The most recent event took place mid-April in Raleigh, North Carolina. This event was Deighton’s first public sponsorship of a North American bridge event!

Although many dTIMS users are fully aware of its powerful Bridge Management capabilities, it has admittedly been an under-marketed feature of dTIMS. Look out for the Deighton booth at future bridge events across the continent!

Follow DUC on Facebook
by Craig German, Deighton

We have recently set up a DUC Facebook page for you to follow the latest events leading up to the conference. Be sure to check it out (Like us) and add your comments to the discussions.

The url is

If you have already registered we would like to remind you to take advantage of the conference hotel rate at the Residence Inn by Marriott. We have reserved a block of rooms, but space is limited and the deadline for reservations is June 30. If you require a copy of the agenda please email Peggy Cerrone.

Monday of the conference is our traditional day of dTIMS CT training. If you have any specific topic you would like to have included please email Gary Ruck.

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