Since the creation of we have been working behind the scenes to improve the user experience and the administration experience of the website.

After many hours of hard work, three builds, and with excitement, it is finally here. The site is built on the JOOMLA CMS platform, providing the administrators, and the users much more flexibility in capability and experience.

We have also now included a discussion forum, where users are encouraged to share, discuss and provide feedback on their experiences as modellers and asset managers related to using dTIMS.

For registered license users, the downloading is now much easier than ever. Interested or prospective users, who might not be license holders, now also have the opportunity to register with a quick and free process, to be able to access some of the content available on the website.

We do expect that, as with anything new, there will be settling in issues, and we would appreciate your feedback and participation. Let us know what you think through the discussion forum.



Last modified on Tuesday, 21 October 2014 04:18
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