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June 1, 2011
Deighton Selected to Implement New PMS for Mississippi DOT!
by Richard Fox-Ivey, Deighton

Deighton is delighted to have been selected to implement a new Pavement Management System for the State of Mississippi Department of Transportation! Competition for the project was fierce as usual, but Deighton was top-ranked.

2.9 million people depend on Mississippi’s transportation system for work and play; including its 10,958 state-maintained centerline miles of highways, 13,627 bridges, 2,600 miles of intercity passenger rail, 16 ports and waterways, 8 commercial airports, 50 transit operations, and numerous bicycle and pedestrian modes.

Mississippi’s highways play a critical role in the overall performance of its transportation system and represent a significant existing, as well as ongoing, investment of dollars. The new Pavement Management System will help ensure that MSDOT has timely access to the required information as well as information modeling tools to make the right management decisions to maximize the service life and performance of its roadway network.

dTIMS Implementation for the State Government of Orissa (India)
by Rob Piane, Deighton

Deighton recently traveled to Bhubaneswar, India to be part of a project inception for the implementation of a dTIMS based asset management system for the state Government of Orissa (GOO). Bhubaneswar is located in the state of Orissa on the east coast of India. GOO manages approximately 18,000 km of state highways servicing a mix of transportation needs which range from pedestrian use to heavy trucks used in the states mining and agricultural sectors.

The project is funded by the World Bank and is headed by Lea Associates South Asia (LASA). LASA is a subsidiary of a Canadian transportation consulting firm called Lea Associates. Deighton and Lea have had a long standing relationship that reaches as far back as 1985 when the two firms worked together on international projects (Indonesia, Thailand, Trinidad, India).

LASA's role in the project initially was to review the available COTS asset management software solutions from around the world and make recommendations as to the most suitable for the project based on the client's needs. In general the requirements are for a system to assist in the planning and management of pavements, bridges and right-of-way (ROW) assets across the state of Orissa. The database and network level analysis will be conducted at the headquarters, in Bhubaneswar, with 36 divisional offices conducting maintenance and rehabilitation work in the field.

The review of available software, includeding software from North America, Europe and Asia, found Deighton software products provided for the current needs of the client as well as the flexibility to expand the system to support the management of other assets. The entire Deighton product line (dTIMS CT, dTIMS MM, dTIMS md and dTIMS wf) will be implemented as part of a state-wide asset management system for Orissa. Deighton's role in the project will be to provide the software and implementation support for the LASA employees who will be working with GOO to implement the software. The implementation support includes; assistance in the project inception, onsite implementation and training on and off the site.

Project scheduling meetings with LASA and GOO determined that the headquarters setup of the Road Information System, Bridge Information System and ROW Information System will be completed in nine months. The PMS and Maintenance Management System are scheduled to be completed by month 14 and will consist of a pilot project that will include three divisional offices. Full roll-out to all divisional offices is scheduled to be completed in 20 months.

We look forward to our next trip and thank LASA for their hospitality and assistance.

View the Implementation team.

Make Your dTIMS Database More Friendly
Make Your dTIMS Database More Friendly

At DUC 2010, Deighton released some improvements to make your database more user-friendly. These changes were from the areas of usability and readability. Usability measures the quality of a user's experience while interacting with a software application. Readability is a measure of the ease with which text can be read. Combining both usability and readability to make getting around in the database a more pleasant experience was the goal of the changes to object naming rules so that you are able to place spaces within the name, use of a numeric in the leading position of the object name, eliminate reserved words etc.

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DUC Update
by Craig German, Deighton

With just over a month until 2011 DUC we have finalized the agenda. If you would like a copy please email Peggy Cerrone. If you have not reserved a room at the Residence Inn remember the discounted conference rate ends June 30th. For those making a presentation at DUC please forward a short abstract of your presentation to Craig German. These abstracts will be used in the DUC Event Guide.

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