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July 1, 2011
Ohio DOT Selects Deighton!
by Rob Piane, Deighton

Deighton moves forward, in partnership with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), to provide the state of Ohio with world class decision support services using dTIMS for pavement management. Deighton would like to extend a warm welcome to ODOT as the newest member of the Deighton family of users. Ohio DOT will join an international portfolio of successful implementations of dTIMS CT.

The project implementation plan proposes the full integration of dTIMS CT with ODOT’s Consolidated Oracle Database, as well as the implementation of dTIMS md and dTIMS wf. System Administrators will interact directly with dTIMS CT while Regional and Head Office users will interact via an Intranet connection to dTIMS md and dTIMS wf. Deighton’s latest companion products to dTIMS CT offer Web-based Management Dashboard (md) and Workflow (wf) capabilities to the proposed system. Of special note is the proposed use of the dTIMS CT External Functions feature in the implementation of a Markov Prediction model for pavement condition deterioration.

The Deighton team is excited about joining forces with ODOT to get started on this landmark project. Congratulations to everyone, on both sides, who worked diligently during the proposal process.

LADOTD Project Kicks Off
by Jeff Zavitski, Deighton

In June, Deighton and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) began a PMS Enhancement project that will see many enhancements within the PMS operations at the DOTD. Initially, the project will see the current dTIMS CT On-Line Intranet application migrated to dTIMS Management Dashboard (md) with the inclusion of dTIMS Workflow (wf) to help automate data and analysis processing tasks. The current Louisiana dTIMS CT On-line dashboard has many existing custom reports the DOTD utilizes to distribute the PMS information which will be migrated to md. Deighton and the DOTD are adding a new exciting custom report to md that will allow md users to produce a “virtual core” report that graphically shows pavement structure information based on Ground Penetrating Radar data supplemented with actual cores. Users will select a control section from the DOTD network map and then be able to investigate the GPR and actual core data in a stripmap-like interface.

Two more enhancements will see a performance curve regression utility developed for the DOTD to regress sigmoid shaped curves for pavement families as well as individual pavement sections. This family regression and site-specific regression tool will allow DOTD to continuously monitor performance models for each of the asphalt and concrete indexes and allow DOTD staff to manually adjust the curves if desired.

A final component of the project will see the implementation of the new Highway Safety Manual prediction models for predicting crash rates implemented within dTIMS CT. The ultimate goal of the HSM Safety implementation in dTIMS CT will be a full life cycle cost analysis comparing the costs and benefits of alternative safety treatments with varying crash modification factors so that funding needs and programs can be developed at the network level. A safety index will also be considered during the project so that it can be used to help prioritize pavement preservation projects within the PMS. Presently all scheduled pavement preservation projects must undergo a safety investigation prior to being accepted and may necessitate a roadside safety audit with specific recommendations to be included with the project.

dTIMS MM Official Launch at 2011 DUC!
by Richard Fox-Ivey, Deighton

In March we gave you an update on the on-track status of Deighton’s newest product – dTIMS MM – our browser-based Maintenance Management system. We are happy to say that we have made excellent progress since and we are all set for launch at this year’s User Conference in July.

Some of the core functionality dTIMS MM to be released at this year’s DUC includes:

  • dTIMS CT Integration: First phase of integration which allows dTIMS MM to pull information from, as well as push information to, dTIMS CT. This functionality will allow, for example, the user to pull the go-forward paving plan from dTIMS CT and view it as a layer in the mapping interface in order to plan routine maintenance around committed capital projects
  • Work Management: The ability to create work orders for both routine maintenance activities as well as larger capital projects, schedule work, and ensure sufficient resources for work activities
  • Financial Management: The ability to build maintenance budgets on an activity-by-activity and/or a geographic area-by-area basis and track spending through resources assigned to work orders
  • Customer Relations (Work Requests): The ability to securely log customer requests from both internal departments and external parties regarding network defects (e.g., potholes, burst watermains, etc.) and work requests that need to be addressed
  • Automated Workflow: The ability to tailor the functioning of dTIMS MM to your agency’s business process rather than having to change your process to match the system. Allows for automated routing of work requests/work orders/etc. on the basis of work type, priority and other factors as well as automated notification upon the completion of tasks

We can’t wait to show you all the hard work at this year’s DUC!

If the key person at your agency responsible for maintenance cannot attend DUC this year but would still like to see the new system please contact (Richard Fox-Ivey) to arrange a demonstration. See you in July!

2011 DUC Only One Week Away!
by Craig German, Deighton

With only one week until 2011 DUC we would like to remind you to contact Peggy Cerrone if you require transportation from the airport to the hotel. Transportation between the hotel and the Tosca Conference Centre and all after hours events is provided. Be sure to catch 2011 DUC daily updates on our Facebook page.

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