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August 1, 2011
dTIMS Workflow (wf) Pilot Project in London
by Barbara Brozek, Viagroup & Alfred Weninger-Vycudil, PMS Consult

dTIMS Workflow (wf) is a solution accelerator developed by Deighton to automate dTIMS CT processes. It is ideally suited for smaller organizations that require the power of dTIMS CT in a browser-based implementation.

As the European distributor of Deighton products, Viagroup was one of the first to implement dTIMS wf in a pilot project in two Boroughs of London: Sutton and Croydon. Both Boroughs maintain roadways and footways. The Borough of Sutton maintains a network of 400 km of roads and 700 km of footways. Croydon maintains 700km of roads and 900km of footways. Data collection in Croydon was completed by ReGen.

As part of the implementation Viagroup was responsible for the setup of dTIMS CT and dTIMS wf. Viagroup set up a custom workflow in wf and then imported the data collected. Once this was complete users from both Boroughs would run the workflow and then enter: treatment costs, analysis criteria and budget information. The final results enabled users to quickly view section data on a map in dTIMS wf. Watch for more details of this pilot project in future newsletters.

Automatic Data Loading Program at CDOT
by Jeff Zavitski, Deighton

Prior to the implementation of dTIMS CT at the Colorado DOT users had two software packages from Deighton; dROAD for the management system database and dTIMS for the management system analysis. During the initial dROAD and dTIMS implementation at CDOT (1997), CDOT desired an easy way to gather information from various databases within the agency and quickly format this data for entry into dROAD.

In order to help CDOT to easily format and load the data into dROAD, Deighton and CDOT developed the Automated Data Loading Program (ADLP). ADLP is a wizard based application that guides CDOT users through the formatting and verification when importing data into dROAD.

Deighton is now in the process of updating of CDOT's ADLP software application to work with dTIMS CT and to migrate the setup of CDOT's dROAD software into dTIMS CT SQL Enterprise.

Deighton Welcomes New Staff
by Vicki Deighton, Deighton

Deighton is proud to welcome Rob Desanti back to the Deighton team. Rob previously worked with Deighton from 2008 to 2010 as the Sales and Marketing Manager. In Rob's new role with Deighton he will be assuming the role of Director of Market Expansion & Product Development. Rob will be responsible for working closely with the R&D team in facilitating improvements to Deighton's dTIMS CT product line, as well as working on specialty projects involving potential U.S. expansion.

Great to have you back Rob!

2011 DUC Concludes
by Marcel Lavigne, Deighton

Once again the annual Deighton User Conference has come and gone. 2011 marked the 25 year anniversary at Deighton. We were extremely grateful to have celebrated with our consultants, distributors and users!

DUC has always been the venue for breaking industry news and for sneaking a peek at cutting-edge enhancements of Deighton's latest products. This year was no exception as Deighton was proud to officially release its newest product, dTIMS Maintenance Management (MM).

Many thanks to the consultants, distributors and users who presented case studies during the week. We will be posting the presentations on the Deighton Online Learning Community.

Thanks and see you in 2012!


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