New Website Derek Roux

The new IDS website has been launched a while back with exciting new features. These features were implemented to improve the browsing experience with easier to follow menus, better login and contact forms. The resources can now be easily accessed and downloaded.

We have also created a forum for the dTIMS community to share, ask, comment and provide answers and solutions from within the dTIMS community. During the coming months we will be highlighting various features of the website.


Maintenance Management Derek Roux

Introducing dTIMS MM, a modular, browser based, enterprise solution for planning, budgeting and management of tactical day to day roadway maintenance activities.

dTIMS MM builds on dTIMS core technology leveraging the dTIMS analytical engine and integrating Deighton's powerful Solution Accelerators – wf (workflow) and md (Management Dashboard).

Please join Deighton on Tuesday 27 September at 6:00 am (NZ Time) for a 45 min live web event exploring the features and benefits of Deighton's newest product, dTIMS MM.

For more information please go to, and to register for this live web event please click on 'Online Learning Community' or click here.


Training Mike Tapper

Our dTIMS workshops and training sessions will be on again once the World Cup is safely locked away in the NZRFU HQ!!

We are holding the training in two venues this year:

  • Rotorua 31st October – 2nd November at the Distinction Rotorua Hotel and Conference Centre and
  • Dunedin 2nd November – 4th November at the Scenic Circle Southern Cross Hotel.

The programme overview is as follows:

  • Day 1 will be a conference style day with presentations from Deighton on the latest developments with dTIMS. There will also be local
  • presentations, particularly focused around the latest LTCCP funding analyses and other best practice examples.
  • Day 2 will be workshop sessions around the upcoming Workflow and dTIMS enterprise version becoming available. Sessions will also cover the
  • strategic aspects of modeling and discussions around any issues from users and/or clients
  • Day 3 will be a training day for new users and clients to get their hands on the NZdTIMS software and go through the analysis process.

It promises to be an exciting series and we hope to see you there!!

We will provide more formal information in the following weeks.


Deighton User Conference 2011 Ken Mitchell

The Deighton User Conference (DUC) 2011 was held in Whitby, Ontario, Canada 11-15 July 2011. It is a long way to go for 5 days but it represents the core of dTIMS modelling resources internationally. There were 7 nations represented including 5 New Zealanders: Gordon Hart (NZTA & IDS Director), David Fraser (Hastings District Council & IDS Chair/director), Derek Roux (MWH), Mike Tapper (BECA) and Ken Mitchell (OPUS). The 50 delegates were added to by the entire 26 Deighton staff in the conference room. It was good to meet other exponents of the software and realise what we have in NZ in terms of consistent RAMM structures and Asset management approach.

nl_1109_duc_pic1 nl_1109_duc_pic2 nl_1109_duc_pic3

Items of note from DUC 2011:

  • MM (Maintenance Manager) has been released officially at DUC 2011 in version 1.0 and is being developed in conjunction with the Downer Edi Australia.
  • Deighton is focussing more on the development of value adding solutions based on the dTIMS CT Enterprise version (using SQL or ORACLE as database platforms), reducing the maintenance on the dTIMS CT Desktop version (using the MS Access database platform).
  • Deighton demonstrated a method of analysis which attempted to answer the question of “how much do I need to spend to ensure that condition x does not exceed y% of the network. Some thing to watch out for in the future.
  • The Great hospitality! The Deighton staff made a big effort to make people feel welcome and provide some good activities through the week.
  • The harbour cruise and conference dinner was a good night. Some of the kiwi’s even started supporting ice hockey teams!

Despite the first day being hard with the time difference it was a good conference with the exposure to the entire Deighton Staff in Canada, and the current development directions the products are taking. Meeting and networking with support staff helps with managing technical issues remotely, and the Deighton developers were there at all sessions and available around the scheduled programme.

nl_1109_duc_pic4 nl_1109_duc_pic5


Documentation Feedback Derek Roux

The training manuals currently in use has been around a while, and have been used extensively by the dTIMS users. If you discovered anything in the manuals that needs to be corrected, amended or could be better explained.

Please login to the IDS website and let us know through the discussion forum of any updates needed to the manuals. A forum topic entitled "User Documentation Feedback" has been created for this purpose.


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