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September 1, 2011
dTIMS MM (Maintenance Management) Webinar
by Craig German, Deighton

dTIMS MM was officially released at 2011 DUC. dTIMS MM is a modular, browser-based, enterprise solution for planning, budgeting and management of tactical day-to-day roadway maintenance activities. dTIMS MM builds on dTIMS core technology leveraging the dTIMS analytical engine and integrating Deighton's powerful Solution Accelerators – wf (WorkFlow) and md (Management Dashboard).

Please join us on September 26, 2011 at 1pm EST for a 45 minute live web event exploring the features and benefits of Deighton’s newest product, dTIMS MM.

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Regional Deighton User Meeting in Fort Collins, Colorado
by Craig German, Deighton

Through Deighton’s customer loyalty program and in conjunction with the City of Fort Collins, Deighton is bringing the highlights of the 2011 Deighton User Conference (2011 DUC) to Colorado. This one day event will offer local users the opportunity to connect with Deighton staff, discover new dTIMS CT updates and enhancements, get a sneak peek at dTIMS MM and gain valuable training you can use every day.

The best part is that this one-day conference is absolutely free (including lunch and dinner) and is the perfect opportunity for you to invite colleagues so they can view the full potential of dTIMS CT and the newly released dTIMS MM. The venue for the Regional User Meeting is the Tamasag Retreat Center, 4825 County Road 52E, Bellevue, Colorado. For more detail on this one day event.

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dTIMS CT Tech Tip: Changes to the COM_TRT Attribute
by Shannon Shea, Deighton

This year at 2011 DUC, we announced a welcomed change to the com_trt attribute in dTIMS CT, greatly enhancing the attribute's flexibility. Previously only the name of the committed treatment would be accepted in this attribute, forcing a manual update each time a treatment was added, changed or deleted. Although you could always call upon the value in that field during strategy generation, the new enhancement includes an optional table attribute to help streamline your workflow.

Get the entire Tech Tip on the Deighton Online Learning Community

Introducing Deighton Forums
by Rob DeSanti, Deighton

At Deighton we believe the success of our annual Deighton User Conference can be attributed to the direct contact with our users, as well as providing a platform for various agencies to share their own experiences using dTIMS.

In an attempt to continue this momentum throughout the year, Deighton has decided to host a unique and intuitive chat forum where our users can discuss in an open forum various challenges they are facing, or even provide useful advice to fellow users.

Deighton staff will also be actively participating and providing technical advice to some of the more complex challenges our clients may be encountering, as well as soliciting ways to improve on our products and services.

Please feel free to post any topics which are of relevance to your agency. We look forward to hearing from you.

To subscribe to the forum, login to the Deighton Online Learning Community then go to Course Categories | Forums.


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