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November 1, 2011
VTrans Dealing with Aftermath of Hurricane Irene
by Brian Searles, VTrans Secretary

In the wake of Hurricane Irene on August 28, VTrans (Vermont Agency of Transportation) faced the daunting task of rebuilding flood damaged infrastructure. Immediately after the storm there were 166 closures on the Vermont State Highway System.

The following is a letter from Brian Searles, VTrans Secretary:

"Vermont’s highway crews were on the front lines of the Hurricane Irene disaster. Throughout the night of the storm, I was in contact with men and women who were battling floods and torrential rain to close unsafe roads and try to assess damage to bridges and highways, often at great risk to themselves. The work of these highway maintenance workers during and after the flood has been nothing short of heroic. They’ve showed how much we Vermonters are capable of when the chips are down. That's what gives me hope that we, as a state and as a transportation agency, will get through this.

The Departments of Transportation from Maine and New Hampshire, the New Hampshire and Maine National Guard units and private contractors have teamed up under VTrans leadership and reopened 340 miles of the 450 miles of State Highway that were closed after the storm. Opening up the important east-west state highways of Route 4 and Route 9 is a priority so that we can improve the movement of people, goods, services and commerce.

Our immediate goal is to rebuild the state highway system to a level that provides safe transport for Vermonters and visitors during the upcoming winter. We need to ensure that these highways are safe for travel and that we can maintain them during the harsh winter weather that we all know is coming."

Irene struck on August 28, 2011 and severely damaged more than 500 miles of state highway, including some 200 state bridges. Today, only three bridge locations remain closed, and all but 19 miles of state roadway are open to public travel. All roads and bridge locations in the Rutland ICC region are open.

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Deighton Initiates Ohio Project
by Arif Rrafiq, Deighton

Deighton’s latest dTIMS implementation project with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is currently underway. As a result of this implementation, dTIMS will now be utilized in 20 separate State DOt's, even further solidifying Deighton as the industry leader in asset management solutions.

This project in particular will represent a unique implementation due to the method in which ODOT has opted to model deterioration on their state-wide roadway network. Rather than using traditional deterministic performance modeling techniques, ODOT has opted to use a probabilistic technique using Markov Probability Matrices to model a step-function based deterioration.

The performance models, organized by pavement type, traffic loading, treatment type and distress, results in over 700 different matrices from which dTIMS CT will select from and process when performing network analyses. In addition, ODOT wanted to ensure that the granularity of the analyses could be improved at any time; dTIMS was able to provide the flexibility ODOT desired with respect to model parameters and overall analysis sophistication.

The ODOT program development process involves a strategic analysis at Central Office with District Offices conducting tactical level analyses. District managers will interact with dTIMS using dTIMS wf (Workflow) and will be offered various degrees of freedom with respect to adjusting various analysis parameters. The selection of Treatments and the Allocation of Funding across Budget Categories is to be determined by the Districts in conjunction with Central Office to ensure that the analysis conducted at the district level is not compromised or biased by the exclusion of any particular treatment and to make Central Office aware of the parameters that are used in the districts.

Both ODOT and Deighton are excited to be working on this project and anticipate the resulting Pavement Management System to be an outstanding achievement.

Deighton To Host Regional User Meeting in Boston
by Rob DeSanti, Deighton

Through Deighton’s Customer Loyalty Program we will be hosting a Deighton Regional User Meeting in Boston on December 6, 2011. This will offer you the opportunity to connect with Deighton staff, discover new dTIMS updates and enhancements and gain valuable training you can use every day.

The best part is that this one-day regional meeting is absolutely free (including lunch and dinner) and is the perfect opportunity for users to connect and discover the full potential of dTIMS CT and the newly released dTIMS MM.

The venue for the Regional User Meeting is the Boston Courtyard Marriott, 275 Tremont Street, Boston MA.

>> Official Invitation and Agenda

European User Conference in Slovenia
by Alain Hueppi, Viagroup

Viagroup, Deighton’s European Distributor, organized its 3rd biannual European User Conference at the Adriatic Sea in Portoroz, Slovenia. We would like to thank our hosts for providing such a beautiful venue for the conference.

30 participants from 12 different countries participated in the conference. The agenda was a mixture of training (by Dr. Alfred Weninger-Vycudil), tips and tricks and reports on current implementation projects from Europe, as listed below:

  1. Julijana Jamnik (DRI Consulting Ltd.): Implementation of European Research into the Slovenian Pavement Management System
  2. Margo Briessinck (Flemish Road Agency) and Margarita Rodriguez (Viaconsult): THE MATRIX and how the matrix became real … at least for maintenance engineers
  3. Miroslav Keller (Croatian Roads Ltd.) and Barbara Brozek (Viaconsult): Pavement Management in Croatia – Implementation of dTIMS CT on the National Road Network
  4. Peter Furtner (VCE): Management of Engineering Structures (Focus Bridges)
  5. Hanneke Levine (Atkins Ltd.): dTIMS in the UK
  6. Barbara Brozek (Viaconsult): Asset Management in London Boroughs
  7. Steve Batchelor (SBC): ReGen - A low cost solution to rapid assessment of the road network

In conclusion, we can easily say that this was the best European User Conference ever and we look forward to the next one in 2013.


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