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January 1, 2012
DUC 2012 Update
by Craig German, Deighton

Its official! Be sure to mark the week of July 9-13 on your calendars for DUC 2012. The venue will once again be the Tosca Conference Centre in Whitby, Canada. This year promises to be epic with the release of dTIMS 9!

For those new to DUC (Deighton User Conference), it is the annual event that unites the Deighton Community. It is a conference for users of Deighton software, including asset managers, engineers, and decision makers. If you use Deighton software at your organization or manage people that do, you will want to attend. The opportunity to make new connections, learn, and share knowledge is everywhere at DUC, whether in the formal sessions, the hallways, meetings, or at the social events.

More details, including an online registration form, will be posted later this month. This will coincide with the release of our new website.

IRF Road Infrastructure Safety Management Conference
by Arif Rrafiq, Deighton

The International Road Federation (IRF) hosted a Road Infrastructure Safety Management Seminar in December 2011 to support the United Nations General Assembly resolution declaring the period from 2011 to 2020 to be a “Decade of Action for Road Safety”.

Deighton, being an IRF member, proudly sponsored this three day event which attracted road safety professionals from countries around the world. Many of the attendees came to learn about the AASHTO Roadside Design Guide, while others had an objective of networking with their peers to take valuable knowledge back to their home countries.

As over one million people die on the world’s roadways every year, road safety is a focus area of paramount importance to infrastructure professionals. Deighton is committed to helping road agency operators by providing the tools to maintain safe and efficient road networks for their users and to combat this global epidemic.

Deighton Hosts Regional Meeting in Boston
by Chad Deighton, Deighton

Deighton’s first annual northeast regional user conference was held at the Tremont Marriott in Boston, Massachusetts on December 5th and 6th. The event was well attended, with delegates from Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maine.

We are pleased to announce that, as a result of this year’s regional conferences, as well as client requests, Deighton has decided to not only continue hosting both the Colorado and northeast regional conferences, but also begin planning additional regional conferences throughout the United States.

Deighton’s regional conferences provide dTIMS users a platform to discuss and present the various successes and challenges that are unique to their specific region. They also serve as a great opportunity for one-on-one interaction with both Deighton staff and colleagues from neighboring states.

Deighton’s series of regional conferences will serve as an excellent addition to Deighton’s annual users’ conference, which is hosted in Whitby, Ontario. Deighton’ s annual conference is a more intensive week-long conference providing all users from across the globe an opportunity to interact with each other, exchange ideas, view the newest software version releases, learn how dTIMS is utilized by various agencies around the world, and receive one-on-one training from Deighton’ s R&D staff.

Video Training Concept for dTIMS
by Craig German, Deighton

Recognizing that there are many ways to learn, we have been working on adding video tutorials to our dTIMS V9 documentation. In conjunction with Pavia Systems Inc., a company that specializes in creating web-based training programs, we have developed a first video concept of this. Taken from the new dTIMS User Guide this section is entitled "What is dTIMS CT?".

If you could take the time to view the video and offer feedback it would be greatly appreciated. Please direct any comments to Craig German. To view the video click on the following link:

>>What is dTIMS CT?

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