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December 1, 2011
Deighton Co-Sponsors 8th Annual ICMPA Conference in Santiago, Chile
by Marcel Lavigne, Deighton

More than 350 pavement management practitioners from 29 different countries met in Santiago, Chile in mid-November to debate and exchange on the current state of the industry and present the results of multiple studies and projects that have been carried out in the three years since the previous conference in Calgary.

The conference was proudly hosted by the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile who provided an inspiring venue for the numerous technical sessions and presentations. A total of 77 technical papers were presented, including four by Deighton’s own implementation experts, Jeff Zavistki and Gary Ruck. These papers, co-authored with clients and partners are listed below and can be downloaded by clicking on the title.

There was also an interesting presentation called “Pavement Management Roadmap” developed by the FHWA with the goal of guiding new research and development issues and workforce development initiatives that will lead to improved approaches to pavement management. The paper confirms that the direction and choices that Deighton makes on an ongoing basis in the development of its asset management solutions will continue to meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of the industry for many years to come. This paper is also available via the link below.

pdf icon Enhancing Project Selection for the City of Greater Sudbury pdf icon Implementing Performance Based Budgeting in the State of Maine pdf icon Removing the Tyranny of Averages - Sydney Harbour Bridge pdf icon System Tiers: Making Tough Choices for Asset Management

pdf icon Pavement Management Roadmap

Deighton Sponsors Pavement Preservation in the Northeast US
by Arif Rafiq, Deighton

It's no secret that available funding for the maintenance on our roads is dwindling. Many states in the US have taken the initiative to plan for the preservation of pavements before they need rehabilitation. As we have all heard before: "Good Roads Cost Less" (UT-06.15 UDOT/Deighton - 2006).

In an effort to support this ongoing initiative, the National Center for Pavement Preservation ( invited Deighton to deliver a presentation on how to model Pavement Preservation in commercial Pavement Management Systems. The Northeast Pavement Preservation Partnership met in Boston, Massachusetts during the second week of November 2011, where Deighton discussed the topic with some of the most forward-thinking and results-oriented pavement management practitioners in the industry.

Deighton also exhibited at this event along with many of its peers in the industry. Collaboratively, efforts like this meeting will help to propel the initiative of effectively maintaining our nation’s pavements into mainstream acceptance.

dTIMS Technote: dTIMS CT Role Based Security
by Shannon Shea, Deighton

dTIMS CT system security has, up to now, been based on a hierarchical model which meant that a higher level of security had access to all the lower levels of security regardless of whether or not their job required that access. The current release 8.6 begins our entry into the Role-based security arena.

The fundamental concept in role-based security is that privileges are assigned to defined categories of users (groups, or job roles) rather than to individual users. In role-based security, permissions are defined as a requirement of one or more roles, and users are assigned with such roles. When a user is assigned to one of these roles, he automatically is assigned the set of privileges associated with that role. A user who is not a member of a role does not have any access privileges.

Role-based security is built on the premise that users are authenticated, which is the process of identifying the user. Once identified, the user can be authorized or, assigned roles and permissions. Credentials like a username and password are provided to authenticate users, and this information is used to create a security principal representing this user's identity at runtime.

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Online Learning Community Integration with New Deighton Website
by Craig German, Deighton

Deighton is currently developing a new website that will be introduced early in 2012. The new site will be a completely redesigned website that will engage our online audience and streamline information retrieval for our existing users. The new website will feature fast, easy navigation ensuring a user-friendly visitor experience for desktop, mobile or tablet users.

As part of our redesign we will be incorporating several social media tools, with an emphasis on blogs by some of our industry experts. Internally, the new site will also help us streamline our resources including our Insider newsletter mailing and website analytics.

Current Deighton users will have access to a secure Client Area that will include: all of the content currently residing on the Deighton Online Learning Community, product service releases, FAQs, recorded webinars, archived material (presentations and newsletters) and more.

We will pass on additional updates, including an official launch date, in the next version of our Insider.

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