It is our pleasure to introduce our newly appointed (since September 2011) technical development leader for IDS and the dTIMS project in New Zealand, Elke Beca. Elke is from Opus International Consultants and is located in Tauranga.

Elke writes:

"I am delighted to be part of the IDS team and am confident that I am well equipped with skills and knowledge to excel in my role as technical manager.

My passion for efficiency, doing things smarter and faster with least impact led me to engineering and in 2003 I graduated from Auckland University with a Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Science.  After travelling abroad and setting up a business of my own overseas, I returned to NZ and began my career in road asset management.   I was immediately fast-tracked into pavement performance modelling and have never looked back. 

With one of the most skilled pavement modellers in the country as my mentor, coupled with a diverse array of local and international clients and projects, my skills and knowledge in this arena have been well established and nurtured.  I am very excited about the challenges which lie ahead and look forward to leading the development of the NZ dTIMS model. 

While the NZ model has advanced astoundingly over the past decade we still have a long way to go.  My vision is that we may raise the bar of confidence across all users and clients by delivering a product which does add value and that we can demonstrate the value added in our ability to manage our assets more efficiently."

We welcome Elke to the team and look forward to reaching new horizons in dTIMS development.

If you would like to get in contact with Elke, you may email her at

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