The change in climate around funding and planning cycles for NZTA SH networks recently, also had an influence on the dTIMS deterioration analyses executed on the various regional NZTA networks.

NZTA hosted a dTIMS modellers workshop on 6 June 2012, at the NZTA offices in Auckland.  The attendees to the workshop were the dTIMS technical leaders from the various consultant and construction companies involved with modelling for NZTA in a workshop with a representative from NZTA Highways and Network Operations. IDS was also represented with the business, technical development, bureau service and helpdesk managers present in their various roles as part of analysis teams.

The aim of the workshop was to get together and discuss the various issues related to modelling on regional level, and how that relates to the analysis done on a national level. With the re-classification of the state highways, there is an intention to get more uniformity across all regions with regards to maintenance priorities, maintenance allocations and analysis approaches.

The afternoon was well received and productive discussions were forthcoming, laying a solid foundation for more collaboration between the regional, and also the national dTIMS analyses. This workshop will be repeated at least annually to get feedback and implement improvements made during the analysis rounds.

For more information, please contact Michaela McMinn from NZTA HNO

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