As part of IDS’ three year development strategy, a review and clean up of the current NZ dTIMS roading setup has begun.  A workshop session with a representative group of technical users has recently been held to cover off the initial phase of this project.

  • Road map of NZ Roading Setup, confirm logic, review treatments, review and remove redundant expressions/variables, bug fixes.  Decide on inclusion of current ‘add on’ functionality (VDM, HCV Extra, Low Volume Road Specific-edge break, AADT Triggers etc).
  • Process and make decisions on all collated ‘innovations’ – including minor strategic changes such as aligning Optimal with Trigger ranges and Optimal ranges by F-Group.
  • Review/update naming conventions using road map.

The outcomes from this workshop session are currently being documented and will be made available to the wider technical user community for comment.  Following verification of proposed changes, the NZ dTIMS roading setup will be recoded and released.  

Running parallel to this ‘cleanup’ project are two IDS managed technical projects reviewing the deterioration models within our roading setup.  Further detail will be available later in the year.  For further information please contact Elke Beca (IDS Technical Manager).

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