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July 1, 2012
DUC Notes
Vicki Deighton, Deighton

With a mere week until DUC 2012 kicks off we are all excited about the decision to change the venue. We will now be hosting DUC at the new Abilities Centre which is located just a few blocks from the Marriott. The Abilities Centre is a state-of-art 125,000 square foot multi-purpose facility that houses multiple conference and meeting rooms, three regulation basketball courts, a six-lane running track, fully equipped gym, performing arts theatre, library and music studio.

DUC 2012 will have representation from 10 countries around the world making it a truly international Asset Management conference. In keeping with our conference theme "Beyond Pavement Management" we will feature presentations from agencies that have moved beyond pavement management or are considering the move. Lets not forget product releases. This year Deighton will be releasing dTIMS 9 and a new version of dTIMS md.

DUC to Mark the Official Release of dTIMS 9
by Craig German, Deighton

The Deighton team is pleased to announce the release of dTIMS 9 will occur at DUC 2012.

"Our primary vision was to build a system that integrated all Deighton products into one easy to use interface", says Rob DeSanti, Director of Market Expansions & Product Development at Deighton. The new system will enable users to communicate between pavement management and maintenance management seamlessly, as well as with our accelerator products, md and wf. Even in instances where an agency already owns a maintenance management system they may want to take advantage of some of the functionality that will now reside in dTIMS as a result of merging these two products.

In addition, a new user interface simplifies how certain tasks are performed and is customized for the different user types that access dTIMS. For more details on dTIMS 9 development be sure to follow Rob DeSanti's blog.

blog largeDevelopers Corner
dTIMS md Release at DUC
by Craig German, Deighton

In keeping with all our product releases, Deighton will release the newest version of dTIMS md at DUC 2012. dTIMS md (Management Dashboard) is a dTIMS accelerator that leverages your investment in dTIMS by providing easy access to key performance indicators in a dashboard format.

One of the key features of the new release is the ability to create your own customized dashboard in seconds! Simply add the dTIMS md Widgets you want to view and they will appear in your customized dashboard.

youtubeView the demo

Deighton Expands Custom Application Portfolio
by Arif Rafiq, Deighton

As part of the dTIMS Pavement Management implementation project for Mississippi DOT, Deighton has been working on an external custom application that will be delivered along with the MDOT project. This custom app is designed to enable the visualization and entry of project history information. This app was primarily envisioned as a replacement for an existing tool. But it has since evolved into a highly anticipated product to help boost the productiviy of MDOT staff and has the potential of becoming the MDOT cross section strip map viewer.

Currently this product is still in a late development stage, nearly ready for initial implementation. Stay tuned for more details in a future edition of the insider.

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