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Congratulations to Philip McFarlane, Theuns Henning & Laura McElhone for receiving the award for submitting the best technical paper for the 2013 INGENIUM Conference. The paper is available here.

Below is a copy of the award.

130613 best paper award
We have just released new interim version of the dTIMS template. It can be found here and instructions for use and the change-log from the previous versions are included in the zip file. This version of the template run with dTIMS Enterprise v8.6 available here.

Please read through the instructions included in the package, as it is important to attach the external libraries/functions file to dTIMS for this template to work.

If you have any questions of feedback, please send an email to
Following from user's feedback, the interim template has now been updated to v5.2
This fixes issues with the assignment of specified treatments in all years when viewed in the dTAG_TL perspective.

To acces the update, please click here

If have more feedback, please email the helpdesk
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Aug 1, 2012
2012 DUC Concludes
Craig German, Deighton

The 2012 Deighton User Conference (DUC) concluded on July 13. With representation from nine countries around the world, DUC is truly an international asset management conference.

In keeping with the conference theme "Beyond Pavement Management", many of the presentations made were from agencies that have moved beyond pavement management or are considering the move. We are always amazed at the quality of our user case studies!

dTIMS 9 was officially launched at DUC with a series of segments entitled "dTIMS 9 in 15 Minutes". These quick presentations throughout the week provided a quick peek at key features in the software and led up to the demo on Thursday. We are extremely excited about the future of dTIMS 9 and would like to thank our users for their feedback.

Thank you to everyone who completed the post-DUC survey. Your feedback is extremely important to us and helps us improve on your DUC experience. If you wish to review the presentations from DUC we have posted them on the Client Area of our website.

See you in 2013!

2012 Deighton Regional Meeting Schedule
by Craig German, Deighton

Unlike the Deighton User Conference (DUC), Deighton Regional Meetings are short two-day meetings hosted regionally throughout the United States. These meetings provide dTIMS users a platform to discuss and present the various successes and challenges that are unique to their specific region. They also serve as a great opportunity for training and for one-on-one interaction with both Deighton staff and colleagues from neighbouring states.

In 2012, Deighton will be hosting regional meetings at the following locations:

  • Rocky Mountain Regional, Denver CO • Sept. 13-14
  • Southeast Regional, New Orleans LA • Sept. 13-14
  • Northeast Regional, Boston MA • Sept. 27-28
New to Deighton Blogs
by Craig German, Deighton

Deighton Blogs were a feature added to our website in January 2012. What sets blogs apart from news articles is the ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format. Every three months we post a series of blogs to allow for your comments. We encourage your participation and suggestions for future blogs.

The August blog posts will see a new International Blog replacing the former Best Practice Blog. The International Blog will feature a new author each quarter which will tap into the experience of Deighton's vast international network of consultants, distributors and users.

The ability to subscribe to an RSS feed feed from any blog will also be available in August. By subscribing to an RSS feed from one of our blogs you will get any updates pushed directly to your email. To subscribe to a blog simply click on the rss 1 Subscribe link located at the top of every blog.

Deighton to Co-Sponsor MAIREPAV 7 in Auckland, NZ
by Marcel Lavigne, Deighton

Deighton Associates Ltd is extremely pleased to announce its co-sponsorship, along with its New Zealand partner IDS, of the MAIREPAV7 conference to be held in Auckland, New Zealand from August 27th to 30th under the auspices of the International Society for Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Transportation Infrastructure (iSMARTi).

The 2012 MAIREPAV7 Conference will be hosted by the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and held at The University of Auckland’s Business School. The MAIREPAV International conference series; an acronym for the Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Pavements and Technological Control, has a history of six successfully completed international conferences in the counties of Brazil, USA, Northern Ireland, China, Portugal and Italy over the last 15 years.

The Southern Hemisphere countries, especially New Zealand have varied population densities, geological materials, technological and economic variables to consider and the proposed MAIREPAV7 conference will bring to the international audience perspectives that have not been previously considered in MAIREPAV conferences.

Deighton’s presence in New Zealand goes back as far as 1998, when dTIMS was adopted on a nation-wide basis to be used by all councils as well as the national transportation agency to manage their road networks. dTIMS’ flexible architecture and ability to incorporate parameters that reflect local and regional realities, allow agencies from all parts of the world to manage their assets in a manner that makes sense in their respective environments.

An exciting technical and social programme, including tours for partners, is planned for the International, Australian and New Zealand delegates that will ensure that the conference will be a significant addition to both the academic and engineering industry. Over 140 abstracts have been submitted from 28 countries, so we are anticipating a diverse and exciting conference! For more information, click here. If you plan to attend, be sure to visit our booth.

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July 1, 2012
DUC Notes
Vicki Deighton, Deighton

With a mere week until DUC 2012 kicks off we are all excited about the decision to change the venue. We will now be hosting DUC at the new Abilities Centre which is located just a few blocks from the Marriott. The Abilities Centre is a state-of-art 125,000 square foot multi-purpose facility that houses multiple conference and meeting rooms, three regulation basketball courts, a six-lane running track, fully equipped gym, performing arts theatre, library and music studio.

DUC 2012 will have representation from 10 countries around the world making it a truly international Asset Management conference. In keeping with our conference theme "Beyond Pavement Management" we will feature presentations from agencies that have moved beyond pavement management or are considering the move. Lets not forget product releases. This year Deighton will be releasing dTIMS 9 and a new version of dTIMS md.

DUC to Mark the Official Release of dTIMS 9
by Craig German, Deighton

The Deighton team is pleased to announce the release of dTIMS 9 will occur at DUC 2012.

"Our primary vision was to build a system that integrated all Deighton products into one easy to use interface", says Rob DeSanti, Director of Market Expansions & Product Development at Deighton. The new system will enable users to communicate between pavement management and maintenance management seamlessly, as well as with our accelerator products, md and wf. Even in instances where an agency already owns a maintenance management system they may want to take advantage of some of the functionality that will now reside in dTIMS as a result of merging these two products.

In addition, a new user interface simplifies how certain tasks are performed and is customized for the different user types that access dTIMS. For more details on dTIMS 9 development be sure to follow Rob DeSanti's blog.

blog largeDevelopers Corner
dTIMS md Release at DUC
by Craig German, Deighton

In keeping with all our product releases, Deighton will release the newest version of dTIMS md at DUC 2012. dTIMS md (Management Dashboard) is a dTIMS accelerator that leverages your investment in dTIMS by providing easy access to key performance indicators in a dashboard format.

One of the key features of the new release is the ability to create your own customized dashboard in seconds! Simply add the dTIMS md Widgets you want to view and they will appear in your customized dashboard.

youtubeView the demo

Deighton Expands Custom Application Portfolio
by Arif Rafiq, Deighton

As part of the dTIMS Pavement Management implementation project for Mississippi DOT, Deighton has been working on an external custom application that will be delivered along with the MDOT project. This custom app is designed to enable the visualization and entry of project history information. This app was primarily envisioned as a replacement for an existing tool. But it has since evolved into a highly anticipated product to help boost the productiviy of MDOT staff and has the potential of becoming the MDOT cross section strip map viewer.

Currently this product is still in a late development stage, nearly ready for initial implementation. Stay tuned for more details in a future edition of the insider.


Following the very successful training day with Jeff Zavitski from Deighton, the advanced modellers attended were impressed with the additional analyses possibilities from dTIMS. We're looking forward to interesting analyses surfacing in the coming months.

As a reminder of the main topics discussed, the 'Cross Asset Analysis and Optimisation' and 'Condition Length Summary and LoS Optimisation', the presentations have been uploaded to the IDS website and are available under dTIMS Training>Training Presentations. To access them please click here (Note: you have to be logged in to be able to download the presentations)


As part of IDS’ three year development strategy, a review and clean up of the current NZ dTIMS roading setup has begun.  A workshop session with a representative group of technical users has recently been held to cover off the initial phase of this project.

  • Road map of NZ Roading Setup, confirm logic, review treatments, review and remove redundant expressions/variables, bug fixes.  Decide on inclusion of current ‘add on’ functionality (VDM, HCV Extra, Low Volume Road Specific-edge break, AADT Triggers etc).
  • Process and make decisions on all collated ‘innovations’ – including minor strategic changes such as aligning Optimal with Trigger ranges and Optimal ranges by F-Group.
  • Review/update naming conventions using road map.

The outcomes from this workshop session are currently being documented and will be made available to the wider technical user community for comment.  Following verification of proposed changes, the NZ dTIMS roading setup will be recoded and released.  

Running parallel to this ‘cleanup’ project are two IDS managed technical projects reviewing the deterioration models within our roading setup.  Further detail will be available later in the year.  For further information please contact Elke Beca (IDS Technical Manager).


IDS has provided a unique opportunity to some of NZ's leading modellers to have a advanced technical training day with Jeff Zavitski from Deighton (all the way from Canada). Jeff is an implementation specialist for Deigthon Associates Limited, assisting the NZ business with implementation of various dTIMS related projects.

IDS managed to carve some time from Jeff's schedule to spend a day work-shopping advanced dTIMS related issues with some of the lead modellers in NZ.

  • The main discussion items for the day will include:
  • Optimisation principles and related objective functions
  • Resource modelling, using resource constraints other than money in an analysis
  • Cross Asset optimisation, the ability to introduce multiple types of assets in an analyses, and
  • Implementing and reviewing intervention strategies in an analysis

The promise to be challenging and insightful, developing and expanding the skills of our modellers in NZ.


The change in climate around funding and planning cycles for NZTA SH networks recently, also had an influence on the dTIMS deterioration analyses executed on the various regional NZTA networks.

NZTA hosted a dTIMS modellers workshop on 6 June 2012, at the NZTA offices in Auckland.  The attendees to the workshop were the dTIMS technical leaders from the various consultant and construction companies involved with modelling for NZTA in a workshop with a representative from NZTA Highways and Network Operations. IDS was also represented with the business, technical development, bureau service and helpdesk managers present in their various roles as part of analysis teams.

The aim of the workshop was to get together and discuss the various issues related to modelling on regional level, and how that relates to the analysis done on a national level. With the re-classification of the state highways, there is an intention to get more uniformity across all regions with regards to maintenance priorities, maintenance allocations and analysis approaches.

The afternoon was well received and productive discussions were forthcoming, laying a solid foundation for more collaboration between the regional, and also the national dTIMS analyses. This workshop will be repeated at least annually to get feedback and implement improvements made during the analysis rounds.

For more information, please contact Michaela McMinn from NZTA HNO

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June 1, 2012
MaineDOT Selects Deighton for New Asset Management Initiative
by Chip Getchell, P.E., Director of Asset Services, MaineDOT

MaineDOT recently contracted with Deighton Associates to provide comprehensive asset management services for all of its hard assets, beginning with highways and bridges. This continues Maine’s twenty-two year relationship with Deighton; MaineDOT currently uses dTIMS CT for pavement management.

Over the last three years, MaineDOT has prioritized its highway system into six tiers (Highway Corridor Priorities) and developed Customer Service Levels for each tier using a simple A – F grading framework. The Maine Legislature enacted performance goals using this framework and directed MaineDOT to report biennially on progress towards these goals. More information can be found at

We are very excited to begin extending dTIMS analytical capabilities beyond pavement management, and look forward to integrating its analysis into key business processes. We are also developing similar asset priorities and Customer Service Levels for non-highway facilities such as transit, rail and air – and will be working with Deighton to include them in dTIMS CT, WF, and MD. This will allow us to better manage our entire portfolio of assets and allocate scarce resources to maximize customer satisfaction across modes.

International Road Federation Caribbean Congress
by Arif Rafiq, Deighton

Over 200 delegates from 31 countries took part in the opening of the 1st IRF Caribbean Regional Congress, a new platform for dialogue at the service of a region with fast-evolving infrastructure needs. Deighton sponsored this well attended event in Montego Bay, Jamaica along with other industry leaders who want to support the Caribbean nations in their Asset Management and Safety Improvement initiatives.

The event was split into two tracks: Safety and Asset Management; two topics the Caribbean nations have agreed are of paramount importance for the region. Many of these small island nations are faced with budget shortfalls much like many other agencies worldwide. Funding for safety and the continued maintenance of the roadway network is rarely sufficient, which has brought these concepts to the forefront of Caribbean roadway management.

Being an international leader in Asset Management with software implementations in 5 continents around the world, Deighton can help provide global experience to support the Caribbean with their Safety and Asset Management initiatives.

Deighton Bike Team Rides for Heart
by Craig German, Deighton

On June 3rd, the Deighton Bike Team will participate in the 25th anniversary Becel Heart & Stroke Ride for Heart. This event is Canada’s largest charity cycling event. Who could resist the opportunity to ride traffic-free along the Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway through the heart of Toronto!

The Deighton Team will ride the 50km route and so far have raised in excess of $1100.00 to support vital research and programs to help eliminate heart disease and stroke. Members of the team include: Craig German, Peggy Cerrone, Rob Piane, Arif Rafiq, Donna Rafiq, Tracey Strong, Jeff Zavistki, Jayne Zavitski, Jonathan Zavitski and Melanie Zavitski. Great work team!

DUC Update
by Craig German, Deighton

The Deighton User Conference (DUC) is just over a month away. Its still not to late to register. We want to remind those that have registered to reserve your hotel accommodations.

Deighton has secured a block of rooms at the Marriott, in Whitby. They have provided a discounted rate to attendees who book accommodations directly through the hotel prior to the Deighton cut off date (June 27). Space is limited, so be sure to book early.

  • Room Rate: $125.00 + 13% tax
  • Internet Access: wireless access included
  • Release Date: June 27, 2012
  • Breakfast: hot buffet included
  • Phone: 905.444.9756

If you are presenting at DUC 2012 please submit a very brief abstract of your presentation to Craig German. These will be included in the DUC Pocket Guide that each attendee will receive. If you require a copy of the DUC Agenda please email Peggy Cerrone.

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