The papers listed here were written for various conferences and events.

These papers are freely available to download for our NZ dTIMS Licensed Users.

File name Size
abstracts-0804-dTIMS_10yrConf.pdf 283 KB
paper-Fawcett_et_al-0108-5thICMP-composite_indices.pdf 253 KB
paper-Greenwood-0410-6thICMP-sensitivity_in_NZ_pdm.pdf 225 KB
paper-Hatcher-0108-5thICMP-modeling_in_long_term_maint.pdf 563 KB
paper-Henning-0108-5thICMP-impl_of_ppm_in_NZ.pdf 216 KB
paper-Henning-0410-6thICMP-LTPP_in_NZ.pdf 488 KB
paper-Kadar-0410-6thICMP- Routine_Maintenance.pdf 355 KB
paper-Parkman-0505-ARRB-PSMC_risks.pdf 93.4 KB
paper-UlIslam-0810-7thICMP_Asset_Valuation_Condition_Modelling.pdf 96.5 KB

The file names has the following format:
document type author(s) date of paper (yymm) conference/event topic










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