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We want to enable and empower asset managers to make better decisions


Importance and relevance of training

In line with our aim to future proof New Zealand infrastructure, we need to create an environment of improved decision making. Our training provides the opportunity to enhance the concepts around performance modelling and healthy asset management. We view networking with peers and the sharing of knowledge and experience as essential in developing the industry.

Our aim is to increase the depth and skill of New Zealand dTIMS users

Training Options

There are three levels of training events we provide:

Asset Manager level training

A day with a number of carefully selected presentations from industry experts on topics affecting asset management and planning in New Zealand. This is a non-technical event focussing on the qualitative issues around asset management.

Technical training – Beginners

We provide opportunity for clients starting out in the use of dTIMS to learn more about the process of information flow, data preparations and the basic elements of performance modelling. This training is spread across two days, with the first being theoretical with presentations, and the second day being hands on with the software. The attendees are taken through the steps of extracting data, preparing the data, importing and using the data in dTIMS

Technical training – Advanced users

For our more advanced users we provide a one day training event focussing on technical issues with either the software or the NZ template. These sessions are focussed around local experience and knowledge transfer, and the presenters are selected from the most experienced users in New Zealand

Course Content

The workshops aim to provide a platform for open discussion about current issues in the asset management industry.

The training material is based on the audience and level of training provided. We use presentations on asset management, training datasets for beginner modellers, and experience and case studies for advanced modeller training


Training Locations

We provide training in various venues across New Zealand, and aim to alternate between the larger city centres


Our trainers consist of experience modellers regarded as experts in pavements, deterioration modelling and asset management.


  • Management training – March/April
  • Beginners training – October/November
  • Advanced Training – February/March

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