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These training manuals are used in training sessions and provide information and guidance to users regarding the principles of deterioration modelling and optimisation, data preparation, dTIMS configuration, strategy generation, optimisation and reporting.

If you have been using the manuals and have any comments or corrections, please send them to the helpdesk.

File name Size
dTIMS_v8_user_guide.pdf 6.57 MB
manual-DT_2009_01-0904_Section_3_Using_dTIMS_CT.pdf 286 KB
manual-DT_2009_01-0908-Section_4(AppB)_Core_Models.pdf 346 KB
manual-DT_2009_01-0909-Section_1_IDS_dTIMS_PPM.pdf 2.01 MB
manual-DT_2009_01-0909_Section_2_Interface_Database.pdf 925 KB
report-Task6601-0312-naming_convention.pdf 133 KB 3.55 MB






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