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Why we exist

We provide on request services to non dTIMS license holders

We can address specific project needs through a large technical resource pool from across the roading industry

We facilitate modelling or asset management related projects for clients without fixed consultant agreements

IDS provides support to infrastructure managers who may not have the required resources or a term appointed service providers available. IDS have a resource pool represented by leading service suppliers in asset management. Through IDS' management customised projects are delivered to your requirements

How we help Asset Managers

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Decision making support

We provide assistance with specialised projects, such as pavement performance analysis for HPMV routes or logging and milk transporting routes


We can assist in forecasting maintenance needs for road or water infrastructure networks.

Locally developed deterioration models provide condition forecasts. Through the deterioration analysis process we can assess future risks to the network.

Training and support

We can provide on-site training on request to address the local staff needs, and provide support to enhance the process understanding and improve the confidence when doing modelling. If you have specific issues and needs to be addresses, we can arrange workshops to brainstorm and flesh out solutions.

Contact Mike today!

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Please call Mike Tapper today to discuss how we can assist you with your infrastructure management. Mike is our Bureau Service manager and will support you in developing a custom solution for your challenge.
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027 435 8132

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