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Why we exist

We aim to provide the tools to the industry to future proof New Zealand road infrastructure

Our primary aim is to support road network managers in their quest for finding the best balance between investment into renewal programmes and levels of service provided through pavement and surface performance of their networks

How we help Asset Managers

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Decision making support

We are able to use good tools to provide insight into the optimal treatment allocations for your road network

We can assist to determine appropriate and sustainable levels of service

We provide guidance to the most appropriate/optimal investment levels on your network


We have deterioration models developed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions, assisting us in predicting future pavement and surface conditions.

Using localised cost sets we can make treatment cost and quantity forecasts with in limited funding scenarios.

Training and support

We have a helpdesk available 5 days a week to assist with any technical problems relating to deterioration analyses or software. Available online is a wealth of supporting information that includes research papers, conference presentations, technical reports and training manuals.

Contact Theuns today!

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For more information about the services we provide for roading infrastructure, please get in touch with Theuns Henning. Theuns has been involved with managing and support for roading infrastructure since the inception of active pavement deterioration modelling in New Zealand.
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